Facials – Acne, Aha, Caviar, Hyaluronic and others


Acne Therapy

Efficient, fast and reliable acne treatment. It inhibits the action of acne-causing bacteria. It exerts potent microbicidal action and contributes to the elimination of inflammations and irritations.

Aha Therapy

Institute treatment for intense revitalisation, exfoliation, hydration, firming and regeneration. The combination of AHAs and multi-action active ingredients gives this treatment a broad and highly effective results.

Caviar Therapy

The absolute anti ageing and firming therapy with red and black caviar. Caviar is rich in proteins, vitamins, amino-acids and trace elements. It provides skin the essential ingredients needed to preserve the integrity of its cells.

Oily Hydra Therapy

Institute treatment restoring water balance in oily and asphyxiated skins. It controls oiliness and reduces skin irritations while hydrating the skin.

Triple Action Therapy

triple-action body treatment for slimming, cellulite prevention and firming. It activates the process of lipolysis, stimulates capillary microcirculation, detoxifies the skin and sculptures the skin, which in turn regains its normal shape and elasticity.

Sensi Therapy

Institute treatment for combating skin irritations. It is recommended for skin cleasing, sensitive skin and telangiectasias and also for the treatment of seborrheic dermatitis.

Chocolate Therapy

Treatment of the senses that promotes skin health and well-being. An institute treatment recommended for tired-looking, dull and sensitive skin.

DNA Repair Therapy

Institute treatment for restoring skin structure. A specialised “synergy” of cell-regenerating ingredients. It recommended for the treatment of premature ageing, photoageing and acne marks.

Hyaluronic Therapy

Institute hydrating treatment based on hyaluronic acid. It offers deep and long-lasting skin hydration, aids in the production of new cells and inhibits the action of free radicals

Proteninous Lifting

Potent lifting – alternative institute treatment which is based on proteins. It invigorates the skin and restores its firmness.

Whitening Therapy

Whitening treatment with ingredients that are safe for the skin. It is effective in combating skin dyschromias.

Every Day Therapy

Institute treatment with hydrating and calming factors for all skin types.