Thread Lift

Are you looking for a way to tighten up loose skin without having to go through a long recovery process associated with conventional facelifts? Then a thread lift is your best bet, and will help you achieve amazing results without the need for surgery.

A thread lift is basically a less invasive, younger sister of traditional facelift that utilizes unique threads made of transparent polypropylene, that are then inserted through small cuts using a big needle.

These threads comprise of small cones on the end that pull and grab at the skin beneath the surface to tighten and lift it. These hypodermic needles are injected superficially into the soft tissue, where they pull and grip to reposition your skin.

Have saggy skin elsewhere on your body that you would like plumped up? You can get just about any area of the body treated by a professional, including the skin on your neck, chest or butts.

Owing to its non-invasiveness as well as effectiveness, thread lifting has started to pick up steam – both among men and women showing signs of premature aging (smile lines, sagginess, wrinkles, etc.)

Head over to Viauty, and our fully licensed, trained and qualified medical aesthetician will ensure your treatment goes smoothly and quickly.

Since we make use of the latest technology and high-quality equipment, you can rest assured that you are in good hands. You will be working with Dr. Rovshan Izamov, a professional who has modified neck lift and non-invasive facial surgery by using a combined approach with PDO threads.

 He is a perfectionist, paying extra attention to fine details in everything he does. This is a quality that is crucial in the field of clinical dermatology and aesthetic medicine.

For a free personalised consultation, drop by our salon in Chelsea so we can guide you more regarding the procedure.