Spray Tan

Who doesn’t like that gorgeous, sun-kissed complexion? But if you don’t have time for a vacation to temporarily achieve that then spray tan is your best bet. Looking tan is the current hottest trend, but achieving that look by baking yourself in the sun or a tanning bed can be extremely bad for your skin. This is why increasing number of people are turning to a much safer, quicker and convenient alternative – spray tan.

Spray tan is a mist that comprises an ingredient known as Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) that interacts with your own skin’s chemistry to give it that tan, or bronze look. Many models and celebrities prefer spray tan to achieve their desired color since it offers quick results. In addition to that, it is less time-consuming as compared to spreading a gel or lotion all over your body. Plus, you are less likely to get it all over your clothes, bed and your partner. When it comes to the end results achieved with spray tanning, they differ from one person to the next since everyone has slightly different skin chemistry.

This is where Viauty’s professional team of beauticians will be able to help you so that you don’t walk out of the salon with the wrong tan shade. We use high-quality spray tans and our staff has sufficient experience and knowledge to ensure that nothing goes amiss. You will be placed in a comfortable environment and before you know it, you will have achieved that beautiful sun-kissed look!

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