Chemical Peels can help you rejuvenate your skin after cold winter.

a woman recieving a chemical peel treatment on her face

Chemical peels are designed to rejuvenate and bring back a more youthful look to the ageing face. They can help get rid of acne scars, fine wrinkles, and dark circles. The exact effect will depend on the type of peel, such as getting a melasma peel for melasma treatment.

At Viauty, we have the experience and expertise to provide you with advanced treatments to deeply exfoliate your skin to give you a refreshed and more radiant appeal. Schedule an appointment today and take advantage of our professional peeling system.

What Can I Expect From a Chemical Peel?

Clients will usually get a chemical peel about 3 to 6 times. This is because this range provides the most reliable results in rejuvenating the face.

Based on the type of peel you have chosen, you might experience a slight heat or a tingling sensation on your skin. These effects are nothing to worry about, as it indicates the peel is working.

You’ll notice that your skin will start to flake or peel by the second or third day. This will be particularly noticeable around your forehead and mouth areas.

Peeling is normal and will result in giving you a more youthful appearance afterwards. So long as you keep your skin hydrated, your facial skin will continue to peel for at least 7 to 10 days.

Benefits of Getting Chemical Peels Today

Anti-Ageing Skin Treatment

Getting a chemical peel can help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines that start to develop on your face as you get older. It also helps minimise the effects of sun damage, giving you a more vibrant appearance.

Fix Skin Discoloration

Chemical peels such as a Meline peel can help reduce dark spots, redness, and other pigmentation problems. Getting rid of skin discolourations can give you a more balanced skin tone while making you look youthful.

Address Acne Problems

When you get a chemical peel treatment, you can help balance the natural production of oil in your skin. Besides giving you clear-looking skin, your complexion also benefits by making it look more even than it did before.

Viauty Offers the Best Professional Peeling System

At Viauty, we provide all of our clients with the most effective chemical peels they can get. Our expert estheticians are capable of helping you achieve a more radiant appearance by removing issues such as acne scars, facial lines, fine wrinkles, dark spots, and skin discolourations.

The chemical peel sessions we provide can be customised to meet your individual skincare goals. Besides deep cleansing to prepare your skin, you can also expect to get the appropriate chemical peel as well as the post-treatment care you need.

If you’ve been suffering from dry, oily, or sensitive skin, then a chemical peel treatment could be for you.

Schedule an appointment today and experience for yourself how we can make you look more youthful than ever.