Restaurants that we think you will like in Chelsea

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Chelsea forms a part of West London, an area filled with incredible and lesser known activities and landmarks. Hidden among these are unique and fascinating restaurants. It's impressive how one area is home to a plethora of flavors from a variety of cultures around the world.

Which restaurants in Chelsea are these, and where can you find them? You're more likely than not to run into fooderies with excellent cuisine, no matter where you decide to dine in Chelsea. But, this article compiles a list of six options that we think stand out the most.

Variety is key, according to many culinary fans. So, you can expect distinct foods from each of the following restaurants. Keep reading if you're interested in dining out in Chelsea and have what we believe to be an amazing experience.

The Chelsea Corner

The Chelsea Corner is the star of Italian and Mediterranean cuisine in Chelsea. It offers a complete experience that's tailored for diners of all types. They have a full bar, free Wi-Fi, top-notch table service, and even a buffet. The location itself is a unique blend of formal and casual dining, with its pizza options receiving the highest of praises.


Gaucho offers a traditional Argentinian and Latin dining experience. It boasts grass-fed beef from Argentina, along with a myriad of meals that would accompany beef as the protagonist of a dish. These include ceviche and chorizo options, classic "asado" plates, juicy Patagonian lamb, and other staples of Argentine cuisine. No Argentine dinner would be complete, of course, without wine; Gaucho has the largest selection of Argentine wines outside of the country of origin!

Sophie's Steakhouse

Sophie's Steakhouse fills the national gap in terms of beef, offering meat of British origin since 2002. The restaraunt is well-known for its Martinis and caring service. The focus of most dishes involves beef, but they also dabble in more casual plates like sandwiches and brunch items.

Wulf & Lamb

Surprisingly enough, Wulf & Lamb is a plant-based restaurant with a strong focus on offering comfort foods. Its mostly vegan versions of classics wash the pallet with impressive flavors and surprising ingredients. The menu has all kinds of plates, from burritos to burgers, and can cater to any diner.

Zheng Chelsea

Zheng Chelsea offers a delicious and traditional slice of Malaysian Cuisine in a Western region. It prides itself in sophisticated and accurate dishes that are on par with what you'd find in the East. Crispy aromatic duck and the Golden Dragon Den are two of its most popular menu items. It's a great stop for something different that can still manage to delight the palate.

The Cadogan Arms

The Cadogan Arms is one of the restaurants in Chelsea that satisfies those of us looking more for an experience than fine dining. The food is also fantastic, but the location is simply superb. It's fitted with furniture and decorations that create a more classic dining experience. They offer simple, yet delicious, meals like cheese toasties, wild mushroom pie, and pork chops.

Picking From The Top Restaurants in Chelsea

London has so much to offer in terms of food. Restaurants in Chelsea, specifically, do a great job of providing access to meals from across the globe. You can find locations that provide an immersive experience, unique and exciting dishes, and fresh ingredients that surprise the palate.

We believe that The Chelsea Corner, Gaucho, Sophie's Steakhouse, Wulf & Lamb, Zheng Chelsea, and The Cadogan Arms are your best options in the area. If you can, try to visit at least one the next time you're in Chelsea. The best part? Each of the aforementioned spots offer vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options!