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INNOAESTHETICS: An Overview of Its Skin Hyperpigmentation Treatment Products

Skin hyperpigmentation is a common problem in dermatology affecting people of different races, with an increasing number of affected individuals globally. INNOAESTHETICS laboratory provides a range of medical-aesthetic treatments, including depigmentation products under the MELINE brand to combat hyperpigmentation.

Skin Hyperpigmentation: Prevalence and Causes

Skin hyperpigmentation is prevalent globally, with 10% of Americans and up to 40% of people in Asia and South America being affected. In Europe, around 20% of women above 25 years experience hyperpigmentation to a certain degree, with the prevalence increasing with age. Women above 40 years have a 33% chance of developing hyperpigmentation, and this number increases to 90% for those above 50 years.

MELINE Brand: A Solution for Hyperpigmentation

MELINE brand by INNOAESTHETICS provides a comprehensive and effective alternative to other depigmentation techniques that could affect the skin and cause post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. The MELINE products offer a thorough treatment that operates at the cellular level, providing long-lasting depigmentation benefits. The brand has 17 products specially formulated to address different hyperpigmentation types.

Specific Depigmentation Treatments for Different Skin Types

INNOAESTHETICS recognizes the different skin types and their specific features that affect the skin's response to various treatments. Therefore, the MELINE brand offers special treatments for skin types I to VI, to manage pigmentation issues effectively. Clinical trials conducted in different countries involving practitioners, hospitals, dermatological centers, and beauticians proved the efficacy and safety of the MELINE products.

Specific Depigmentation Treatments for Different Types of Hyperpigmentation

INNOAESTHETICS understands that hyperpigmentation can result from various factors, such as sun exposure, hormonal changes, genetics, and medication. Therefore, the MELINE brand has specific treatments for severe hyperpigmentation caused by sun exposure, melasma, and lentigo.


INNOAESTHETICS laboratory's MELINE brand provides effective and comprehensive depigmentation treatments for hyperpigmentation. The brand has specific products for different skin types and various types of hyperpigmentation, providing long-lasting and safe results. The products' effectiveness is supported by clinical trials conducted globally, making them a reliable solution for individuals seeking to address skin hyperpigmentation.

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