Russian Eyelashes

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Long and voluminous eyelashes are every woman's dream, but unfortunately, not everyone is lucky enough to be born with them. Having to wear falsies every day can be a hassle, and not to mention expensive. If you are looking for a more natural and convenient solution then semi-permanent eyelash extensions are the way to go.

At Viauty, we specialize in safe and customized semi-permanent eyelash extensions that help add length, thickness, curve, and color to your natural lashes. These are single or multiple strands of synthetic lashes that are attached one by one to your normal lashes, thereby creating a longer, thicker, more natural and long-lasting look. Plus, they are comfortable and weightless, meaning you won't feel any kind of bulkiness or discomfort on eyes. We offer three eyelash extension styles:

  • Natural Silk - These eyelash extensions are more flexible and finer as compared to the synthetic type. They are softer and tend to last slightly longer than synthetic ones, and make an excellent option if you are someone with fine or weak lashes.
  • 3D Russian Volume - This style is achieved when 3 hairs are attached to one of your natural eyelash. 3D Russian Volume eyelash extensions are best suited to those who are looking for a full, dramatic and glamorous look with maximum natural-looking volume.
  • Mink Eyelashes - These are premium eyelash extensions that are super lightweight, comfortable and natural-looking. Mink eyelash extensions are also ideal for those individuals who are looking for the most long-lasting, comfortable and high-quality results.

If you are not satisfied with your natural lashes, head over to Viauty, a London based beauty salon offering top-notch services and using high-quality products to deliver first-class results. Our team of beauticians is qualified and experienced and works to customize the ideal design that enhances your unique features.