nails treatment

Proper nail care is crucial for maintaining the health of your fingernails and toenails, as well as keeping them in a visually pleasing state. Visiting a salon for regular nail care treatments can bring along a host of benefits, which include preventing issues such as fungal nail infections and ingrown toenails, and of course, pretty nails.

At Viauty, we offer a range of nail treatments to make sure they precisely fit the needs and budget of our clients. Our team comprises of expert beauticians who are experienced and well-educated regarding the new products and techniques that are being utilised in the world of nail care. Our services include:

  • Manicure – Get ready for a pampering experience where we trim, shape and pain your fingernails. With an array of nail colors to choose from, a manicure is an excellent way to instantly transform your look and feel good about yourself.
  • Pedicure – Our toenails are often overlooked when taking care of our overall body, which is why getting a pedicure every now and then, is a great way to ensure they also receive the much-deserved love. Our team takes pride in delivering high-quality pedicure that follows the most current trends in nails.
  • Shellac manicure and pedicure – Shellac is a more nail-friendly option that takes gel to the next level, leaving no need to file and sculpt – only thin coats of gel on your nails.
  • Spa Manicure and Pedicure – Rest your exhausted hands and feet in a relaxing environment and enjoy as our team soaks, trims, files, massages, removes dead skin cells, and polishes your nails.
  • European Manicure and Pedicure – European style manicure and pedicure involve a professional drill machine that gently gets rid of dead skin. It can also be used to file and push dry skin and cuticle around nails.
  • Express Option – This is a quick treatment that includes an oil application, nail shaping, and nail polish application.