Non Surgical Fat Removal

a photo of a woman receiving a fat removal treatment.

A new type of liposuction has emerged and it’s making waves across the beauty industry. It’s called 3D-cavitation or just 3D lipo: non-surgical fat removal from stomach, thighs and other areas of the body.

Sometimes strict dieting and a consistent exercise regimen just aren’t enough when it comes to seeing results fast. This is where the non-surgical procedure helps, especially if you’re looking for more permanent results.

It’s different from liposuction. Liposuction involves removal of fat using suction. A hollow tube is inserted underneath your skin to remove the fat. Despite it working, patients need some time off to recover.

With 3D lipo, you don’t need time to recover. And treatment is just as effective as liposuction.

What is 3D Lipo/Cavitation?

So what is 3D lipo and how is it different from other beauty treatments?

As mentioned earlier, traditional lipo involves inserting a canula (hollow tube) under your skin in the areas where fat is to be removed.

With 3D cavitation, a gel applied on your skin and ultrasound plates are used to massage that part of your body. No pain is involved. That’s a big difference compared to conventional lipo or even laser liposuction, which involves use of heat to melt fat cells.

3D-cavitation may be combined with other treatments like cryolipolysis (freezing fat cells to destroy them) and radio frequency treatment to tighten the skin and eliminate cellulite. A combination of all these treatments helps you achieve smoother and tighter skin.

What is Involved in Ultrasonic Cavitation?

This procedure is best for overall fat reduction.

It involves low frequency ultrasound where particular fat cells are targeted. The fat cell membranes cannot withstand pressure from the ultrasound and break down into liquid fat. The fat is later disposed off naturally by your body.

Ultrasonic cavitation is best for areas of the body that have large amounts of fat such as the stomach and thighs.

How Many Ultrasonic Cavitation Treatments are Needed?

In order to achieve the best results, you will need to undergo 6 to 8 treatments.

However, before undergoing this treatment, our therapist will recommend which treatment plan would be best for you. Results are visible from the first treatment, with patients noting a 2-4 cm reduction the first time.

Results will continue being prominent with continued treatment.

During therapy, a gel is applied to the area where fat is to be removed. Then a handheld device, which produces ultrasound energy, is passed over the skin. Our clients report the experience to be painless and comfortable.

The length of each session will depend on each person and the amount of fat to be removed.

You can follow up the 3D-cavitation therapy with cyro lipo for body sculpting and removing stubborn fat.

Cryo lipo is another form of non-surgical fat removal that uses a cyro freeze hand piece device. The device is passed over the target area and is used to create a vacuum. The area is then frozen causing fat cells in that area to die. Your body then gets rid of them naturally.

Why 3D-Cavitation?

This therapy works well because it targets fat cells only.

It is best for areas where fat is hardest to move, like thighs, abdomen and “muffin tops”. Moreover, it can be combined with other forms of weight loss treatments to achieve the best results.

Our therapists will help you design a treatment plan that targets your weight-loss goals.

One of the advantages is, after the first treatment, you can expect to see visible fat reduction in the problem area. You’ll see even more results with each successive treatment.

Ideal Clients for this Therapy

3D-cavitation is safe for most people to use.

The therapy is especially useful to people who have trouble losing weight. It can serve as an additional weight-loss strategy to dieting and exercise.

3D-Cavitation Aftercare

In order to achieve the best results, you need to follow the aftercare instructions from our therapist.

The therapist will prescribe certain activities that will help you realize the best results from therapy. This is meant to reduce the chances of fat re-accumulating in the treated areas, as well as improving your general health.

Some of the aftercare aspects include:

Ultimately, exercise and diet will keep you healthy, while therapy will achieve what the exercise and diet alone cannot produce.

3D Lipo Reviews

So does 3D lipo really work?

Celebrities tend to be among the very first people to try out a new beauty treatment or trend. So, it’s no wonder that there are some celebs that have nothing but good things to say about lipo cavitation.

Gemma Collins, the TOWIE star, reveals that 3D lipo helped her lose 16.5 inches off her frame. Amy Childs, another celebrity, turned to 3D lipo to lose some weight after she was banned from the gym due to her breast implant complications. She has successfully managed to lose weight by dropping down a dress size and losing 3 inches from her waist.

Coleen Rooney is yet another star who has tried this treatment and loved it. She turned to this type of lipo in a bid to regain her youthful body after the births of her children, Klay and Kai.

Other celebs who’ve turned to the treatment are Patsy Kensit and Danielle Armstrong.

What is the Cost of 3D Lipo, London?

The cost of 3D lipo depends on the size of the area to be treated, and your specific treatment plan.

Schedule an appointment with Viauty for a customized 3D lipo treatment plan to benefit from our first-class customer service and an enjoyable experience.