Improve your skin with 3D Lipo Shockwave.

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Stretch marks are bound to occur, more so in women than men. But you don’t have to live with it. You can eliminate it using one of the new stretch mark treatments and arguably one of the best in stretch mark removal: 3D Lipo shockwave.

What is 3D Lipo Shockwave?

This treatment is designed to focus on improving your skin structure and connective tissue. Not only is it great for stretch mark removal, but it also does a good job on skin tightening and getting rid of cellulite.

This treatment is non-invasive and the sessions are short. Ultrasound gel or glycerine is applied on the areas to be worked on. Then a hand-held plastic disc with metal probes is placed and gently rotated around the affected area. The probes emit radial waves through your skin. That stimulates collagen production as well as elastin that are essential for effective skin elasticity.

Although you will feel a marked difference by the end of you first session, 8-10 sessions are necessary to realise the most effect. Two sessions a week throughout five consistent weeks of treatment is enough time for the therapy to be effective.

Can Stretch Marks Be Removed Completely?

It is extremely hard to remove stretch marks completely. There is also the aspect of varied individual response to treatment. In some people, the stretch marks might disappear completely. Others may get an amazing improvement, but achieve partial removal. In some instances, more sessions may be needed.

Many people try numerous gels and lotions in a bid to find the fastest way to get rid of stretch marks. However, if your stretch marks are not disappearing naturally with healthy eating, exercising and staying hydrated, then an intervention such as 3D Lipo Shockwave therapy is necessary.

The treatment comprehensively stimulates the dermis layer of your skin to generate new collagen and elastin. Such collagen and elastin contribute to self-healing and repair of your stretched skin. That’s how to remove white stretch marks or silver ones.

You can even improve your chances of getting the best results from therapy.

Before you have to seek the 3D shockwave treatment, you can manage your stretch marks by maintaining a healthy weight. Eat a balanced diet with plenty of vitamins such as A and C which promote skin health. Ensure your diet also has minerals like zinc and silicon which are known to boost skin health.

Also, remember to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water every day.

Why 3D Shockwave is an Ideal Choice

The multiple benefits of 3D Shockwave therapy automatically make it the ideal choice.

Some of the benefits of this treatment include:

Most importantly, the effects of this therapy are long lasting and natural. That’s because the treatment initiates self healing by helping stimulate the dermis layer of your skin into producing collagen and elastin.

What You Need to Know About Treating Stretch Marks

Firstly, you should know that insurance companies do not cover stretch mark treatment, unless there is proof that the stretch marks are a result of an underlying medical condition. As such, stretch mark treatment is considered a cosmetic procedure.

But what are stretch marks?

Knowing exactly what they are will help you understand how treatment works.

Stretch marks can be defined as narrow striped markings that occur on your skin when it is suddenly stretched. They are extremely common in women although men can also have stretch marks as a result of weight loss or gain among other reasons.

Where exactly do stretch marks form?

They form in the dermis which is the middle layer. As you may know, your skin is made up of three layers. When your skin rapidly expands or contracts beyond its elasticity, the dermis tears allowing inner layers of skin to show through.

What this means is effective treatment needs to rebuild the torn skin layers, so the inner parts are no longer exposed. That’s what makes 3D Shockwave particularly effective, since it stimulates collagen and elastin production.

The typical appearance of a stretch mark is glossy or silvery white.

Parts of the body where stretch marks are likely to occur include:

Many creams and lotions that purport to treat stretch marks only do as little as moisturize your skin without affecting the marks. Although the stretched area may feel more comfortable as a result of moisturizing, the stretch marks do not go away.

Only with 3D Shockwave therapy will your skin actually be rebuilt to heal the stretch marks.

You should know that, for most people, stretch marks are a temporary situation. It tends to disappear unaided over the course of 6 months without posing any health risks. However, you can go through therapy if you need urgent stretch mark removal or your case isn’t disappearing.

After going through successful therapy, you should avoid situations that can cause recurrence of the stretch marks. Of course, some cases are unavoidable (pregnancy, underlying medical conditions and growth spurts during puberty), but other cases occur due to avoidable issues like:

If your stretch marks are not disappearing naturally over time, you have the option to effectively resolve the issue through 3D-Shockwave therapy Dermapen Microneedling is also a great treatment to remove stretch marks..

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