Radio Frequency treatment for eye bag removal.

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Today, you have many options for facial care, in terms of technologies, including ultrasound and radio frequency. These new options have an amazing ability to revitalise facial skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Crow’s feet wrinkles, in particular, are quite challenging to deal with due to their location. They can be quite troublesome to address because of their delicate location near your eye.   Hence, the precise 3D-RF Eye therapy is the best treatment for crow’s feet wrinkles.

What is 3D-RF Eye?

The 3D-RF EYE is a radio frequency eye treatment. It’s the ideal non-surgical eye bag removal procedure that does not involve any type of invasive action. This treatment is considered by far the best treatment for crow’s feet not only due to the technology involved, but also its ability to precisely target and eliminate your crow’s feet wrinkles.

If most people who are beginning to develop or are already living with pronounced crow’s feet wrinkles knew that there is an effective remedy that does not involve needles, there would hardly be any invasive procedures.

How It Works

3D-RF Eye is designed for facial skin tightening. It’s best suited for anti-aging, especially smoothing of fine lines and wrinkles. The radio frequency treatment can penetrate your skin layers. This treatment heats the tissue’s extra cellular matrix selectively, resulting in stimulation of collagen fibres. The heating process causes contraction of the long chain of collagen fibres. It also increases production of new collagen, which gives you smoother, younger, and healthier looking skin.

The equipment has the ability to reach the sensitive crow’s feet around your eyes effectively, and deliver treatment to the wrinkled skin. It is such a reliable technology that it is also suitable for treating smoker’s lines, upper lip wrinkles and brow lines. Treatment lasts for up to an hour. You’ll enjoy a relaxing and pleasant experience. Initially, Glycerin is applied to the skin to serve as a conductor for the 3D-RF. A round-head hand piece is then used in circular motions on the surface of the area being treated. All while the heat builds up gradually. At its peak, it will feel like a hot massage stone.

After treatment, there is little to no down time and you can resume your daily activities as normal. For maximum effect, this treatment requires weekly sessions for two months, depending on the condition of your skin. The result can be seen immediately after treatment; however, maximum results will show after about 3 weeks as your skin continues to generate more collagen. As you continue the treatment, you will notice even more significant changes. Hence, we recommend seeing the treatment to the end.

What Are Crow's Feet Wrinkles?

Perhaps you’re not sure if 3D-RF is right for simply because you don’t realise that you have crow’s feet wrinkles. Here’s what they are.

These are wrinkles etched at the corner of the eye.

In comparison to other facial lines and wrinkles, such as expression lines on the forehead, crow’s feet tend to look more prominent since the elasticity of the skin in this area diminishes rapidly. The skin in the area is unable to revert to its original form without intervention.

Crow’s feet wrinkles are typically as a result of UV exposure. These wrinkles also come about as a result of aging, where the skin loses elasticity and the production of collagen is reduced.

But, this sort of skin wrinkling around the corner of the eye is not confined to old age.

Younger people in their mid twenties can experience crow’s feet as well. The eye area has no oil glands and the surrounding skin is actually quite thin. When skin elasticity diminishes in this area, even younger people can experience crow’s feet wrinkles.

Combined with 3D-RF Eye, you can apply other measures to prevent and reduce crow’s feet wrinkles, including:

If you already have crow’s feet or you have noticed the tell tale signs of it, then taking 3D-RF therapy to stimulate collagen in that area is advisable.

3D-RF Eye vs. Microneedling vs. Dysport vs Dermal Filters vs. Retinal Products

So, out of all the crow’s feet treatment options, how does 3D-RF stack up?

Microneedling vs. 3D-RF Eye

Microneedling has long been used to help treat fine lines. This involves controlled needle application which then stimulates the skin to produce its own collagen. Your own skin eventually does the hard work as it produces the much-needed collagen to restore elasticity and leave a natural youthful look.

3D-RF doesn’t involve skin piercing, while having the same effect on your skin as microneedling. This makes it a much more comfortable option.

Dysport vs. 3D-RF Eye

Dysport is a common alternative to Botox. Dysport and Botox are both derived from Botulinum toxin type A.

The difference between the two is that Dysport has a smaller molecular structure that allows it to diffuse more readily below the skin. Once injected, Dysport works on the underlying muscles enabling overlying tissue to relax.

Dypsort has another advantage over Botox when treating Crow’s feet wrinkles due to its lighter consistency. This makes it easier to work with over difficult spaces with larger surface areas and thinner muscles structures as is the case with the corner of your eyes where the crow’s feet start.

Here too, 3D-RF stands out as requiring no injection of any substances into your skin, as in Dysport. Hence, the reduced complexity of treatment in 3D-RF eliminates potential risks, making it far safer.

Dermal Fillers vs. 3D-RF Eye

These are used after Botox or Dysport injections when the over lying tissue has relaxed. The purpose of derm fillers is to add structural components to your skin that has been lost over time. It serves to plump up the skin, and smooth the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

Dermal fillers constitute of substances that already exist in your body such as collagen and hyaluronic acid.

With 3D-RF, you don’t need further treatment beyond application of the 3D-RF device, unlike Dysport that requires dermal fillers. And you still achieve the same results, which makes your therapy more cost-effective.

Retinal Products vs. 3D-RF Eye

Retinals and retinoids are both derived from vitamin A. Originally they were known for treating acne but it soon became apparent that they had amazing anti-aging properties. They do a great Job of maintaining your skin’s youthful radiance and texture, by stimulating cell turn over and re-growth.

Although retinal products work well when crow’s feet wrinkles are at a very early stage, you would need 3D-RF Eye therapy for advanced crow’s feet wrinkles.

With no needles pricking at you, 3D-RF Eye gives you the relaxing experience of visiting the spa, while being highly effective.

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