Double chin removal with 3D Cryo.

a photo of a woman getting chin fat removal treatment

A double chin is not the preserve of overweight people. You can be skinny with a double chin. It’s particularly disheartening if you achieve your weight-loss goal, but still have a double chin. Fortunately, the 3D cryo chin fat freeze treatment is your go-to procedure to eliminate that pesky double chin.

What is 3D Cryo Chin Freeze?

It is part of the larger 3D Cryo Freeze treatment. It’s a fat freezing course of treatment where fat cells are cooled to -5 degrees, which crystallises them before they are eliminated from the body naturally. The 3D Cryo Chin Freeze treatment targets fat cells underneath your chin giving you a fat reduction of 20 to 40 percent.

If you’re looking for effective double chin removal by non-surgical means, this is one of the best procedures. You only require one or two treatment sessions of 3D Cryo Chin freeze which are then usually followed by a series of skin tightening sessions over a few weeks.  It is a completely non-invasive procedure that does not need any downtime from your daily activities. In fact, you can schedule an appointment during a lunch break.

What to Expect with Double Chin Removal Using 3D Cryo Chin Freeze

The procedure is simple and effective.

First, the skin therapist will place a cooling gel pad underneath your chin on the targeted area. This pad helps protect your skin during the procedure. A vacuum headpiece is placed on the area to suction the fat while applying controlled cooling, which freezes the fat cells. There will be a bit of pulling, tugging, and cold on the site as the temperature drops to minus seven degrees Celsius. You’ll feel a bit of numbness as well.

The procedure can take between 30 minutes and 1 hour depending on the degree of treatment needed.

Side effects are mild and only last up to 10 days. You may experience redness on the site and residual numbness for a couple of days. That may also include a bit of sensitivity and bruising.

However, the results are impeccable chin sculpting.

Such chin sculpting will properly contour your jaw line and neck area, effectively reducing the appearance of a double chin.

That’s how to get rid of a double chin without surgery.

What Causes Double Chin in a Thin Person?

Perhaps, you’re wondering what caused your double chin in the first place Or you need to know the cause so you can avoid the double chin after treatment. There are three main reasons why a skinny person may still have a double chin.

To begin with, age is a huge factor. As you age, your skin loses elasticity and the saggy skin under your chin contributes to the appearance of a double chin. Secondly, you may be skinny but have an unhealthy lifestyle. Your intake of processed food and alcohol can contribute to a double chin. Thirdly, your genetics may play a big role in the formation of a double chin, especially if poor skin elasticity runs in the family.

But there’s one more reason: posture. Poor posture may causes the muscles on your neck to become weak; hence, contributing to a double chin.

With that information, you know how to avoid developing a double chin in future.

In fact, you can complement the 3D Cryo Chin Freeze treatment with exercises to fight the bulge beneath your chin. Some interesting exercises include:

Even if you do all those exercises and don’t get the desired results, 3D Cryo Chin Freeze will still effectively get rid of your double chin.

Kybella vs. Lipo vs. 3D Cryo Chin Freeze

Kybella is a treatment that utilises a series of injections containing FDA approved synthetic deoxycholic acid on the area targeted for treatment. A cold compress is applied on the area to help with numbing and swelling. Clients may experience swelling, bruising and aching after the treatment and may need to take pain medication after the treatment. And the treatment is a course that needs to be repeated every four weeks.

3D Cryo Chin Freeze takes a shorter time than kybella, isn’t invasive and certainly doesn’t require pain medication.

Lipo is an invasive treatment where surgery is required to remove fat in the chin area. Chin liposuction is also called submental liposuction. The process requires local anaesthesia to numb the targeted area, after which incisions are made behind the ears and a cannula is used to suck out fat. The procedure also reshapes your jaw line, chin and neck.

Afterwards, the area is wrapped with a supportive wrap that helps the skin to heal and stay taut. At the very least you need three to five days downtime, and you cannot participate in any strenuous activity for a couple of weeks post op.

Clearly, you won’t go through such an intensive procedure with 3D Cryo Chin Freeze.

Fat Freezing Treatment: Does it Work?

For sceptics about 3D Cryo Chin Freeze, the main question is can you freeze off fat?

Well, respected surgeons worldwide vouch for the treatment. For example, Dr. Tanzi has shown the process on the well-respected medical TV show, Dr. Oz. The demo shows the procedure on a real patient and you see how the treatment affects the client on the seat.

With a promise that you can shed off 20 to 40 percent fat over a period of three months after treatment, this is undeniably an attractive and cost-effective option. Not only does it get rid of the double chin, you do not need to worry about a double chin again, as long as you stay fit and keep to a healthy diet.

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